Cullinan .. 29.06ct Blue Diamond

Cullinan does it again  ...  An exceptionally Blue Diamond 29.6cts has been unearthed at the Cullinan mine in South Africa.The Diamond is an “outstanding vivid blue, with extraordinary saturation, tone & clarity".The Petra owned mine is most famous for it’s name sake the “Cullinan Diamond”, as well as the 530ct “First Star of Africa” & the 317ct “Second Star of Africa”. Cullinan continues to recover large White Diamonds, but its ability to churn out exceptional Blue’s of considerable size is always astounding, Blue Diamonds are amongst the rarest on the planet. In 2009 a 26.6ct Fancy Vivid Blue Flawless Diamond was cut to a 7.03ct Cushion Cut, now named the ‘star of Josephine”  the current owner paid US $9.48 Million..

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Colored Stones
Morganite’s color range includes pink, rose, peach, and salmon. The pink and rose tints are the most fashionable, where as peach and salmon hues are less popular. Some collectors however, value untreated peach-colored stones more highly than the heat-treated pink stones.

Morganite is almost always heat-treated, it improve's the pink color. The treatment is not detectable. Heat drives off the yellow or orange tinge, leaving a purer and more attractive pink. The resulting color is stable and won’t fade.



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